Monday, 20 January 2014

Intense Suedette FOTD

Hi all,

I decided it was time to step out of my smoky comfort zone and try some bright colours and I needed cheering up (up most of the night with an upset stomach thanks to the antacids I was taking to help my acid reflux) so this seemed a good way to combine the 2. Please forgive the lighting, it's really hard to get decent pics in such changeable weather but I did my best.

Products used:
-Usual primer, foundation, concealers, powders and contour product
-Jane Blushing Blossom and
-Missha Sweet Line blusher in Shimmering Snow.
-Jordana 12Hr Made to Last shadow pencil in Eternal White (so much better than NYX Milk JEP!)
-From the MAC Suedette 6 Intense Eyes palette: With A Twist (lid), Nightbird (outer part), Gallant (above NYX Black and on lower lashline) and Phloof (brow bone and inner corner).
-NYX Black (for the soft cut crease and lower lashline)
-Rimmel Matte White (brow bone and to help blend)
-MAC kohl in Smolder
-HIP Cream liner in Black and
-BE Flawless Definition mascara.
-Boots 17 Mirror Shine On lipstick in Beehive.

Lou x


  1. Wow this is really different for you , but i like it ! A+ xxx

  2. It is! I didn't feel quite like myself as I'm so used to dark colours. And thanks!

    Lou x

  3. I love this combo it looks lovely on you! ^_^